Safe to Love (Paperback)

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Are you tired of finding yourself in manipulative relationships?

If you want to break free from toxic patterns and regain control over your life, this book is for you!

Say goodbye to manipulation and hello to self-protection and healthy connections. You’d be amazed by the different tactics and strategies manipulators use on their victims and even more amazed by learning what makes you vulnerable to manipulation.

Manipulators know who they’ll target. They possess a keen awareness of their targets’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. You must know how to detect a manipulator and combat the strategies used to manipulate or exploit you.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn what makes you susceptible to manipulative tactics.

  • Understand the profile of a manipulator.

  • Gain knowledge of different types of manipulative or exploitative tactics and strategies.

  • Learn ways to protect and defend yourself from these manipulative tactics.

Let this book serve as a companion to help you recover from the suffering you’ve endured at the hands of a manipulator. You’ll learn through reading this book that you’re not alone. With each turned page, you’ll be encouraged to heal and safeguard yourself. One day at a time, and eventually, after learning to distinguish genuine people from manipulators, you’ll discover that it is safe to love.

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6 reviews for Safe to Love (Paperback)

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    McKinley Patterson

    5.0 out of 5 stars Read it!!!!! – When I say this is a must read. I mean just that! You can feel Kittie and her authenticity throughout the entire book. It’s informative and gives you things to look at and think about in your healing and self love and relationship journey. Easy read and i loved it. I love when you feel the author in the book. That’s what makes it unique and the best!

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    LOVE TO SAFE – I learned from reading this book about manipulators, how to set boundaries, and love myself. I didn’t realize how much amount of low self worth I had for myself over the years in different relationships excusing the inexcusable behaviors from fearing to lose my relationships. Kittie simplified things where I could easily digest what was being taught. In a lot of what she was saying was hitting home, I devalued myself over the fear of being alone, self sacrificed myself putting the betterment of them over me every time.
    I took from this to never minimize problematic behavior to maintain connections to keep ppl in my life. Have boundaries that reflect my values and more crucial for my growth. Her lesson was your worth don’t come from how much you can do for others, that hit home for me.
    After reading this book I’m definitely setting BOUNDARIES!!

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    Rachael Harris

    A MUST read!!!!!!!!!! – This book has literally helped me in my process of healing and helped me to recognize the areas in my life I needed help in. Self love is so important, I think this book will help so many people to know the importance of self love!

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    LaCole Purley

    I FINISHED IT IN ONE DAY!! I NEEDED THIS! – I felt like Kittie was talking directly to me. I learned so many ways and reasons why I’ve constantly been manipulated. She provided actual definitions and real life examples that I kept relating to throughout the entire book. This is a must read for anyone and everyone to help you heal and protect your peace!

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    KeKe F

    Happy about my purchase! – I truly am enjoying my purchase. I love how this book breaks down scenarios that way it’s easier for me to understand what I’m experiencing. Thank you so much

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    Lesley Solomon (verified owner)

    As someone who separated from my former spouse but was still being manipulated by him… As I read Ms Kittie Rose book, it helped me realize the need for boundaries and how to move accordingly when manipulation tactics were being used to try and gain power over me again.

    My favorite quote and take away was:
    “She had understood that true love and support didn’t come with strings attached and that her worth wasn’t tied to how much she could do for others. ” because some day I will have this same understanding.

    When Ms Kittie Rose spoke on how a manipulator can find their targets… Seeking exertnal validation & over-accommodating behaviors were signs of low self-worth and a deep fear of being alone which were a green light for manipulation… Baby! I knew I had to work on myself first. When she spoke on identifying the roots of your codependency, 4 of the items pointed right out to me and helped me discover there is things more deeply rooted that I have to direct my attention to in therapy. Reading the different tactics helped me realize how my former spouse was able to manipulate me so easily and I love that the book ends with different ways to “outsmart” a manipulator and the letter from Kittie Rose herself was a reminder that we may have been naive but we are not to blame for how they treated us.

    Thank you Kittie Rose 🌹

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